Sevin Murdock | Colorado Springs, CO

Born and raised in Colorado with familial roots dating back to the late 1800s, Sevin is the epitome of Colorado. She grew up playing hard and getting dirty- indulging in every adventure Colorado has to offer.

Independent and driven, Sevin started her first business at only 9 years old, earning a living wage and learning the art of entrepreneurship. In high school, she went on to run her family’s residential painting company and built it into a general contracting company- adding 5 divisions and learning the art of leadership. 

Today, Sevin leads a top producing real estate team, flips properties, stands as a nationally recognized realtor, and coaches others on the unique opportunities real estate can offer. Sevin can help you buy a home, design it, renovate it, furnish it, pack it up, and sell it for top dollar. “Full service” is an understatement as fear is never a factor for Sevin, but rather an opportunity to challenge industry norms and set a higher standard wherever she can out of the belief that people deserve more than standard practice. 

Born into a family of local business owners, Sevin understands the value in placing her community and clients first. Sevin works diligently to ensure she always has the ability to provide opportunities to others, with emphasis to those who serve our community and country alike. “Over 25% of our local community is Military. My family of local business owners has had the honor to serve those who serve us for over 100 years. It is a privilege to partner with Next Move and continue to do the same”. 

Entering the world of entrepreneurship, general contracting, and real estate at a young age, Sevin quickly learned the necessity of working twice as hard- twice as smart- and being twice as educated. She seeks challenges in every aspect of life and tests the norm with an unconventional approach that continues to prove successful in every endeavor. 

Guided by faith, her moral combat is unwavering, “If I can’t do right by all parties and deliver a mutual benefit- it’s not going to happen”. While Sevin is a strong leader, bold, and to the point- she is a true partner and friend to everyone in her life. She will laugh with you, advocate for you, and always give you her best while standing in truth.

There is no mountain too tall for this USOA Miss Colorado 2021.

It’s no surprise she found her calling in the art of home ownership, helping countless families relocate to her great state and further assisting them in establishing their roots within the community that holds her heart. 


Sevin Murdock | Colorado Springs, CO